A World Without Eating Disorders? We Think That’s Possible.

The Foundation for Research and Education in Eating Disorders (FREED), previously known as the Walden Center for Education and Research (WCER), was established in 2012 as a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization to help lead the fight against eating disorders. The mission of FREED is to help determine the causes and risks associated with developing eating disorders; facilitate the development of treatments; and promote education, prevention and recovery from these illnesses. The organization’s vision is a nation in which eating disorders are fully preventable, manageable and recoverable. As a charity serving the community of people impacted by eating disorders across the United States, FREED relies on the generosity of donors and supporters to fund its programs and activities to meet its mission.


  • Driving the exploration of innovative concepts that will open new avenues of research and treatment development
  • Developing centralized research resources to help facilitate collaboration across the eating disorders field


  • Increasing education, awareness and understanding of eating disorders in both general and professional sectors
  • Providing advanced training and best care practices among care providers


  • Increasing awareness and prevention, and reducing stigmatization
  • Decreasing the impact of eating disorders on individuals and families

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