Involve Your School

FREED’s School–Based Prevention Program is designed to support the good work your school is already doing by providing objective, specialized education about eating disorders education.

We hope to help students, teachers and parents feel more confident and comfortable discussing and voicing their concerns about disordered eating behaviors.

Research indicates that eating disorders prevention education provided by an external source has significant benefits, including the following:

  • Participants tend to be freer in asking questions, because we are “outside experts”;
  • As specialists we can offer a greater depth of knowledge;
  • We are able to be objective about the communities we work in; and
  • Our focus is on teaching prevention skills and strategies that support multiple health education topics.

If you are a interested in having FREED visit your middle school or high school to conduct an eating disorders prevention assembly or workshop, please use the form below to contact Stephanie Haines M.Ed., CHES. She will be able to develop programming tailored to the needs of your school community, including students, teachers and parents.