Intern or Volunteer at FREED

Help Us Fight The Number-One Disease Of Young Women.

The high and insidious occurrence of eating disorders, association with a wide range of disorders and the myriad of treatment difficulties, cause these illnesses to be among the most devastating of human conditions.

They have a profoundly negative impact on those who are affected, their families and are increasingly being recognized as public health concerns. Indeed, eating disorders are associated with the highest rates of morbidity and mortality among all mental disorders.

If you are a student and would like to get involved with FREED and its cause to help end eating disorders, we are currently accepting applications for spring, summer and fall 2018! All three opportunities provide access to learn about eating disorders, prevention, education, research, advocacy and a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization.

Practicum Study

This is an unpaid position designed for college-aged students participating in a practicum study. Hour requirements are set individually, in order to ensure effective completion of project/ study goals.

FREED works with college practicum offices/coordinators to complete necessary paperwork. While we are flexible with how the hour requirements are completed, practicum students are expected to come in to the FREED office at a minimum of once per week.


FREED offers internships in research, office administration, prevention education and community outreach. It is essential that interns adhere to program structure and communicate effectively with team leads regarding the status of their projects.


Volunteers typically assist in administrative operations and participate in FREED events. There are no minimum required hours for this role and FREED will work around volunteer schedules and commitments.

If you are a student interested in a practicum study, internship or volunteer opportunity, please submit form below.