What Do We Know About Eating Disorders?
That We Need To Know More.

There is a clear, present and urgent need to accelerate research in the eating disorder field so as to improve understanding, drive treatment innovations and improve recovery from these life threatening illnesses.

The causes, risk factors, brain changes and other biological abnormalities in eating disorders are unclear. There is also a lack of specific drugs and other therapies for these illnesses.

Solving these problems, through research and breakthroughs, holds the promise of making eating disorders truly preventable, manageable and recoverable.

Developing Effective and Accessible Treatments

There is a vital need for more, and better, pharmacological treatment options for people with eating disorders. Currently, only one drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating these conditions. Thus, FREED is working to:

  • Conduct trials of existing and new drugs;
  • Explore non-pharmacological treatment approaches; and
  • Develop experimental models that are needed to test therapies before application in patients.

Understanding the Causes and Risk Factors

There are a range of biological, psychological and socio-cultural risk factors for eating disorders. However, the cause of eating disorders is unknown. FREED is therefore making efforts to:

  • Help identify those who are vulnerable to developing these illnesses;
  • Facilitate the development of screening and diagnostic tests, prevention approaches and early intervention strategies; and
  • Identify biological targets that can be exploited to develop effective treatments.

Offering Essential Resources to Support Discovery

Critical research resources, such as a brain bank, sample repositories and patient/data registries are needed to support, focus and catalyze research in eating disorders. These resources would also help to organize and facilitate cooperation and collaboration among researchers. FREED is extremely interested in supporting research that improves understanding and leads to better outcomes in eating disorders.

Providing Grants to Fund Cutting-Edge Research Projects

FREED is working to support leading investigators and institutions so that they can conduct innovative, cutting edge and peer-reviewed research into eating disorders. This will:

  • Provide breakthroughs in our understanding and ability to treat these conditions;
  • Allow researchers to generate pilot/preliminary results and explore proof of concepts, which are required to obtain substantial funding from federal, industry and other granting bodies; and
  • Attract leading researchers from other fields who have expertise and resources that are urgently needed in the eating disorders community.

Our Search For The Causes of Eating Disorders May Take Years.
You Could Shorten That.